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Starfish Ventures seeks to partner with companies that address a global high growth market opportunity and that leverage novel technologies to create a new market or supply new products or services to an existing market.

Our investment focus encompasses:

  • Information technology: including software, hardware, instrumentations, digital and telecommunications;

  • Life sciences: including biotechnology, medical devices and drug development; and

  • Cleantech: including energy, water and other environmental technologies.

We invest in opportunities that pass our stringent evaluation process and that have most or all of the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding management team
  • Superior and innovative technologies with a strong Intellectual Property position; 
  • Technology addressing a clearly defined market opportunity; 
  • Capable of becoming a significant future market player and creating barriers to entry; 
  • Ability to build a unique and sustainable business model; and 
  • A logical exit mechanism within 2-5 years.

Investment Size

Starfish Ventures invests in all stages of business development, from startup companies to those with turnover greater than $50M. Our typical investment is $1 - $5M in the first round with a goal of participating in all future funding rounds. Starfish also makes smaller seed investments of ~$500K where we see opportunities in the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What we offer you

Our team knows first hand that growing global companies requires a great deal of time and effort. The real work begins after the investment is made, and Starfish Ventures will invest our time, skills and expertise to help build our portfolio companies into successful global businesses.

We invite you to contact us to discuss the vision for your company.

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