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5th Finger Acquired by Merkle

Tuesday, 10 July 2012
5th Finger Acquired by Merkle

11 July 2012 - Starfish Ventures' mobile technology company 5th International Group, trading in the US as 5th Finger, has been acquired by Merkle.

Starfish Ventures initially invested in 5th International Group in 2008 to launch the 5th Finger mobile marketing business into the US. The US business was founded by an Australian team of entrepreneurs and was quickly built out with local US skills and experience. Throughout the lifecycle of the business Starfish has stayed close to the team and provided support through the Board and with regular time on the ground in the US. It is a testament to the drive and capacity of Patrick Collins and Steen Andersson that they have grown such a substantial US footprint and ended up joining forces with Merkle, the natural acquirer of the business. 

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