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Aktana increases deployment speed and depth of insight with VConnector 2.0 for Veeva CRM Suggestions

Wednesday, 10 June 2015
Aktana increases deployment speed and depth of insight with VConnector 2.0 for Veeva CRM Suggestions

San Francisco and Philadelphia – Aktana, a pioneer in decision support for global life science sales teams, today introduced its VConnector 2.0 for delivering Aktana’s suggestions and insights to field sales reps using Veeva System’s newly announced ‘Veeva CRM Suggestions.’ With VConnector 2.0, Aktana customers can more easily put data-driven insights at the fingertips of sales professionals using Veeva CRM. The announcement was made at the annual Veeva Commercial Summit held this week in Philadelphia.

Aktana’s Decision Support Engine (DSE) drives improved performance of global life science sales forces. With pharma brand strategy as a starting point, Aktana’s DSE examines market data and cross-channel activity to identify best actions and supporting insights. The DSE then delivers these suggestions and insights directly to sales reps within their existing workflows. Aktana can also trigger related marketing activities, more tightly coupling rep and non-personal channel activity.

With Veeva CRM Suggestions, Veeva has introduced a powerful, more flexible dashboard for sales representatives to easily take action or provide feedback on the rich suggestions delivered by the Aktana DSE.

“Veeva’s deepening commitment to supporting field sales reps with the right suggestions at the right time validates what we’ve believed since our founding,” said Aktana CEO, David Ehrlich. “The role of the rep is critical in life science marketing success, and by equipping them with the information they need, when they need it, we free them to focus on what they do best.”

With VConnector 2.0 and Veeva CRM Suggestions, joint customers can go live faster and take greater advantage of the full range of decision support capabilities offered by Aktana. The two companies will work closely together for a projected fall launch.

“Decision support tools such as those offered by Aktana provide measurable value in an increasingly complex healthcare marketplace,” said Paul Shawah, Vice President of Product Marketing, Veeva Systems. “By working together to pre-integrate Aktana’s DSE with Veeva CRM Suggestions, we are taking the next step in helping sales reps keep pace with the daily challenges they face.”

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