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Distra Grows North American Payment Operations

Sunday, 07 August 2011
Distra Grows North American Payment Operations

Atlanta, 8 August 2011- Distra, a software provider empowering payments transformation globally, is hiring new US-based resources and has moved into new premises in Atlanta, on the back of its first significant client win in the US. Under the recently signed agreements, Distra will provide its Universal Payments Platform (UPP) as part of a major payments transformation initiative.

Although details of the project and client are confidential at present, Distra’s ability to deliver highly configurable, 100% Java functionality with real-time, high performance, high availability transaction processing capability were key factors in the client’s decision to select the Distra UPP for its transformation initiative.

A recent benchmark showed that the Distra UPP can sustain reliable fault-tolerant processing at a rate of more than 3000 transactions per second on commodity infrastructure, demonstrating the platform’s ability to cost-effectively scale to meet future business requirements of the world’s leading payment processors and other companies in the payments chain.

Already used by some of the world’s leading payments institutions in Europe, Asia and Australia, Distra is rapidly expanding its presence in the United States. To support major opportunities in the North American region, Distra is recruiting new sales, delivery and project management staff and has recently moved its regional head office to a larger premises in Atlanta.

David Luther, General Manager for North America said, “We are investing to provide a core team for sales growth and support of clients and partners in the region. Distra has an innovative technology platform putting us at the forefront of payments transformation in North American and beyond. Having the right expertise is critical as we continue to grow in this market.”

Distra has also trained several leading services partners to quickly scale resources to meet increasing market opportunities. Distra will be augmenting its own staff with partner resources on this first US project. These partnerships strengthen the Distra UPP with technical infrastructure, financial industry expertise and global resources of some of the world’s leading service and technology providers.

Distra and its partners empower companies in the payments chain to quickly address cost, competitive and regulatory drivers through payments solutions that bridge the divide between the old and the new payments worlds. The Distra UPP is flexible, open and standards-based, capable of routing financial and non-financial messages in real-time between legacy platforms and newer payments technologies and channels.

As the payments landscape evolves, Distra is positioned to meet the increasing requirement to carry data about items purchased, calculate real-time discounts, split payments over several accounts, process transactions using loyalty points, offer targeted sales offers and adapt to the latest fraud prevention and regulations, all in real time.

Distra is being advised on its North American market expansion by industry advisor, R.K. Hammer.

About Distra

Distra operates at the heart of payments transformation globally. Formed in 1999, Distra specializes in the development of high performance, high availability real-time payments applications. Distra’s flagship solution, the Distra Universal Payments Platform (UPP) is designed to help financial institutions, payments processors and other institutions operating in the payments chain address cost, competitive and regulatory drivers through payments transformation.