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Habitat classification: an extensive new capability and direction for Echoview

Tuesday, 11 February 2014
Habitat classification: an extensive new capability and direction for Echoview

Hobart, Tasmania - Echoview is widely regarded as the industry standard scientific software package for water column acoustic data processing. With the 2014 release of Echoview 6 comes the new module – Habitat Classification – that sees Echoview’s powerful and trusted processing capabilities extended to acoustic bottom data.

The Habitat Classification module will enable the user to classify river bed, lake bottom and seafloor types from single, dual and split beam echosounder data. As Echoview’s Product manager, Briony Hutton explains: “We saw a need for bottom classification capabilities in Echoview, and have paid considerable attention to the research and development of this new functionality. Our users can now process and analyze even more aspects of their hydroacoustic data, and benefit from the simplicity of doing all of this in a single, familiar workspace.”

The Habitat Classification module integrates smoothly into Echoview’s familiar and powerful workflow. Users will be able to bring their echosounder data into Echoview, visualize, calibrate and correct it for any artefacts, extract an extensive range of bottom features and statistically analyze these features to generate robust bottom classes.

Along with Habitat Classification, Echoview 6 has some other major new features, including the highly anticipated platform depth compensation and two new multibeam noise and background removal operators.

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