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ImpediMed US Distributor “Lymphedema Products, LLC launch ImpTM XCA

Sunday, 11 November 2007
ImpediMed US Distributor “Lymphedema Products, LLC launch ImpTM XCA

ImpediMed is pleased to announce the commencement of product launch activities by one of its distributors, Lymphedema Products, LLC who are launching ImpediMed’s first US FDA cleared medical device, the XCA, for use in the clinical assessment of lymphoedema among breast cancer survivors. Lymphedema Products, founded by Steve Norton, has commenced a campaign to target groups of therapists introducing the Imp XCA device, as well as providing a link to a professional “in-service” training video that demonstrates the use of the device. Mr. Norton is a highly regarded therapist and educator. The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy is an educational institution for training therapists in the treatment of pathologies related to the lymphatic system. The video in-service can be accessed from either The Norton School or the Lymphedema Products websites:

ImpediMed CEO, Greg Brown said, “The comprehensive marketing collateral put together by Steve Norton, Executive Director and Founder of The Norton School*, are a testament to the professionalism of his Lymphedema Products organisation. ImpediMed is very fortunate to have someone of Steve Norton’s credibility in the US lymphoedema community weighing in behind our product both as an educator and as a distributor.”

Mr Norton said the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy had already begun using ImpediMed’s XCA routinely in its clinic. “Our therapists love the time savings, the ease of use and the improved clinical performance the XCA provides them as compared to a tape measure. The video in-service, filmed within our clinic, will serve as an excellent training tool for our new therapists and will help educate Norton School students across the United States and around the world about this advance in technology.”

ImpediMed is preparing for a pivotal clinical trial to be published on a potentially new lymphoedema management approach. In early 2007, the US National Institutes of Health plan to publish the results of a five year clinical research trialthat indicates that the progression of secondary lymphoedema in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients may be prevented if diagnosed at a sub-clinical level and treated early with a low cost pressure gradient sleeve.

ImpediMed’s devices are FDA cleared for the clinical assessment of lymphoedema and have been shown in clinical trials to detect lymphoedema in breast cancer survivors, in the range of one to ten months before clinically observable symptoms. Mr Brown said the push is on among thought leaders in the US lymphoedema community to be proactive in managing the risk of Lymphoedema in cancer survivors.

“The NIH preliminary data suggests that the progression of lymphoedema beyond a sub-clinical condition may be preventable and could be managed very simply by clinicians using an early detection technology like ImpediMed’s, and a simple low cost treatment regime. In the lead up to this key NIH publication, Steve Norton and the team at Lymphedema Products is starting to spread awareness among the large network of clinicians, therapists and health professionals who are associated with the Norton School.”

ImpediMed’s first clinic ready product with FDA clearance for use in the clinical assessment of lymphoedema is the Imp XCA which addresses the needs of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and also survivor populations. The company is also developing a high end clinical device that will address the needs of both breast cancer and pelvic region cancer survivors, the latter of which can result in leg lymphoedema, along with an extended care device for prescription home use. "We look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship with Steve Norton and the Lymphedema Products organisation as ImpediMed rolls out its full clinical product range over the next couple of years,” Mr Brown said. The marketing collateral included in the initial mailing campaign are attached.

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