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Protagonist Therapeutics in $118 million Nasdaq IPO

Tuesday, 16 August 2016
Protagonist Therapeutics in $118 million Nasdaq IPO

Protagonist Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PTGX) was spun out of he University of Queensland's Institute For Molecular Bioscience in 2006, after initially being founded in 2001 by Associate Professor Mark Smythe, who now serves as the company's Vice President of Technology & Alliances.

At the end of last week, having listed on the Nasdaq on Wednesday, the company is valued at $US167.7 million.

Professor Smythe's team have worked for 15 years developing a new class of drug, which aims to combine the convenience and accuracy of 'small molecule' systems like pills and eyedrops with the potency of 'large molecule' injectable drugs.

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