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Space-Time Research selected by Venice Port Authority

Wednesday, 31 October 2007
Space-Time Research selected by Venice Port Authority

Space-Time Research has announced that the Venice Port Authority, a leading Mediterranean port in Italy, has selected SuperSTAR, Space-Time Research’s innovative self-service business intelligence solution. The Port of Venice will use SuperSTAR’s data integration capabilities and flexible analysis tools to gain real-time access to crucial port information to increase overall operating efficiency.

The Venice Port Authority is a public agency that promotes investments, innovation, employment and new services aiming at improving the quality and competitiveness of Venice Port.

The Port is focusing its development strategy on the growth of diversified traffic and developing new services and activities, with the objective of further expansion in commercial and passenger traffic. This constant growth potential is also dependant upon its extensive network that connects it to major ports around the world. SuperSTAR provides the Venice Port with the functionality it needs to meet data access and analysis requirements of a rapidly changing international market. The solution had to manage the data, ensure confidentiality, and provide self-service, access via a web browser. The solution will improve the efficiency and reliability of port related statistical data; making it more readily available in order to provide knowledge & insight to both local and national govt users as well as transport planners.