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Space-Time Research: Putting public transportation where it belongs

Tuesday, 24 November 2009
Space-Time Research: Putting public transportation where it belongs

Melbourne, Australia, 25 Nov 2009 — A new on-line tool detailing how, where and why Victorians travel - VISTA 07 - is being launched this week by Victoria’s Department of Transport (DoT).

VISTA 07 (Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity for 2007) is a Web 2.0-based data analysis and visualisation system based on Space-Time Research’s SuperVIEW software. VISTA 07 is an example of a Government 2.0-type of initiative, making vast amounts of travel-related data available for public engagement for the first time.

Using SuperVIEW, VISTA 07 users access tabular or pictorial versions of the detailed travel information. It has already made valuable contributions to the Victorian Transport Plan, and will enable local government planners, developers, academics and investors to continue to make better transport and infrastructure decisions in the future. The public can also access the data via the simple, interactive visualisations to engage with, explore and discover information.

“The Department of Transport Victoria is showing leadership in providing the community with access to data for informed discussion. VISTA 07 is an excellent example of a Government 2.0-type initiative, and we are proud to be part of the new data experience,” Don McDougall, CEO of Space-Time Research, said today.

VISTA 07 enables instant online access to the detailed results of the Department of Transport’s 2007 household travel diary survey. The survey, which covered over 17,000 households and 43,000 participants in Melbourne and key regional centers, captured the why, when and how of peoples’ travel, the journeys they made and related activities.

VISTA 07 is available at

About the Department of Transport Victoria
Department of Transport is building a safer, fairer and greener transport system for all Victorians to create a more prosperous and connected community.

About Space-Time Research Pty Ltd
Space-Time Research software and technologies enable data transparency for government and other official statistics providers. Our analytics and visualisation products provide a rich data experience for the delivery of public intelligence and Government 2.0 initiatives. Space-Time Research is the leader in web-based data dissemination combining microdata with confidentialisation and field-level security for advanced privacy protection. Customers include many of the most advanced government census and statistics organisations including the US Bureau of Census and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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